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Evernote :an excellent tool when you are on the move

In my role as Head of Library I regularly move around the campuses. My tendency has been to take my laptop from library to library as i found my ipad inadequate.Using Evernote I can sync my notes taken at meetings or during staff discussions with my laptop and iphone and share this with my manager. My ipad has become a much more powerful device.

I love any tool that will help me with organisation of my documents, etc. I’m not a neat freak but I have to regularly go through emails and put them in Folders. With this app I’m doing my organisation from the word go and I’m feeling very proud of myself.  Already i have about 6 Notebooks.

Currently I am assisting some of the  students with their research for  IB Film projects. I’m able to  bookmark articles  clip sections that may be useful. Not all students use Evernote but I am encouraging students to sign up so I can share the Notebooks.It has been cool to introduce students to apps which they can use to assist them with organisation of their work.


My shared note

Out there

I am the Director of Library Services at Haileybury College. Prior to this position I was at Wesley College but most of my library experience has been spent in public libraries.

This year Haileybury has become an iPad school from Years 5-12 so this is the perfect opportunity to hone my Web 2.0 skills. No more excuses! It is very easy to depend on my eServices Librarian, Adam, who lives and breathes technology.One of my staff at the Brighton campus is also on the PLN journey so it will be fun to check up on our progress from time to time.

The issue with me is I’m not totally comfortable with being out there.I’ve never really been interested in blogging to the world, or even a closed community but that’s how it is now so let’s see how I go.